Call-spot like an Hotspot

It will be a cool idea if we are able to call through the Wi-Fi connected as we are able to share Data and access the Internet.

Just think about it, how it sound – then every Reliance Jio user would be supposed to make ON that Call-spot and make that open for all without any security passwords, and the connected user is able to make calls or receive calls and messages just as if he is a postpaid user or have enough balance in the Prepaid SIM Card.

It sounds cool because then you don’t need someone’s cell phone to make calls just you need is any 4G connection nearby and make the Call-spot ON and just use the call-spot for making and receiving calls and messages.

It would be easy not only for the 4G users to share the calls but also for the other users – just to make the Wi-Fi ON and connect and make calls through the connected Call-spot.


May the telecomm companies does not like this idea of Call-spot but it seems good for all the 4G users and the non-4G users. As sharing the Call-spot would allow other people to make calls and receive  calls whether they are connected with the network or not.

“Elevator + UPS” to elevator manufacturers

Nowadays i have seen many cases in newspapers about the lifts-that is elevators that are stucked up and many people just stuck up there for hours and hours,

the basic idea is to combine the UPS and elevator so that whenever the power fails – the people stucked inside get out from the danger and lives gets saved and also the time.

with these types of experience people in India just afraid of using the technology and that too elevators and other things.

This is my humble request to the elevator – or lift manufacturing companies to add UPS to their technology to their embedded hardware so that the people do not afraid of the bad experiences and use the technology effectively.

Thanking You,

Joy Jacob


The basic idea or concept is to create the star like sun, on earth by combining two process: those are the principle of anti-gravity or the zero gravity concept and the other one is the plasma ball or the plasma – the artificial plasma that we create in our laboratory using the ADITYA, or SST-1, or ITER.

The concept is simple in understanding that we are creating artificial plasma or just say plasma in our laboratories using the TOKOMAK system but we aren’t able to make it stable at one place because of certain reasons like its much higher temperature and other needs like high voltage and high current power supply requirements, which aren’t able to be satisfied.

But there’s one solution to this – that is – to create the plasma in the zero gravity field, if we are successful in making a plasma ball in the zero gravity field, then we will make a sun – the next sun on earth, we can try this out with COLD PLASMA – plasma with temperature of around 87 degree Celsius, then we can understand the properties and the characteristics of the stars by creating the ARTIFICIAL STARS like this. We can further try out for high temperatures of plasma , if we are succeed in this as if you believe in this idea and the theory I explained you or you can say the process of making artificial sun or ARTIFICIAL STAR.

And if we made the ARTIFICIAL STAR in zero gravity then we need not give continuous supply to the plasma as it will itself behave as source.

Ideas Invisible

Ø  A SIM-card used as a reflector like an RFID tag, when in use or not in use. Can be used for security measures for those who are not identified or those who lost by interconnecting it with the GSM network. i.e. (RFID+GSM)

Ø  A networking or cellular network company can upgrade into this by replacing their SIM by (SIM+RFID) smart card.

Ø  This can be helpful in locating the smart cards as the cellular network is divided into cells with efficient location.

Ø  Digital Encoding : Tx of Data à timer

1.       Count load à highàpin

2.       Count load àlowàpin

2AH à pin is high until 2AH

2BHà pin is low until 2BH

Here 2AH or 2BH could be 2Ans (nano second) or 2Bus (micro second).

: Rx of data à Counter/Timer

1.       Pin high à start timer

2.       Pin low à stop timer & move previous data and then restart timer.


1.       If data is 3A03B0FF = x;

x = DATA = 3A03B0FF

àConvert in decimal

i.e. the reqd.  delay or timer

à (x)hex=(x)decimal

àLoad count à pin will be high until count is counted


2.       If bit rate = 9600 bps =9.6 kbps

à 1 second = 9600 bits

à1bit duration = ( 1/9600) seconds = 104.2us


MOV TH0,#0

MOV TL0,#0


JB P1.0,$ (==HERE  JB P1.0, HERE)





Ø  The bit depends on the duration on which it is dependent on.

Ø  A single HIGH bit could be anything maybe equal to logic 1 or (F)hex or (FFF)hex or (FFFF)hex, a single HIGH could represent anything we want.


               Whatever may be the input AC, DC, Sawtooth or Any random pulse wave or any signal, the output will be confined DC output which can be user defined.

Inputà AC 230 và Transformer à Rectifier à Microcontroller àDACàOUTPUT 0-10 volt or 0-5 volt also                           keypad as input |^îîîîȊȊȊȊîîîî^^||^îîîîȊȊȊȊîîîî^^|display as output for GUI or for User interface.

è Programming the microcontroller and the DAC with constant level such that giving complete DC output level voltage and current as per the conditions and the DAC used.

è Generally, it will be easy for 5volt outputs to program the DAC that is the microcontroller by sending the highest value i.e. 255 to the DAC and the DAC will give 4.908 volts output with a current of approximately 30mA. Whatever may be the input whether a fluctuating AC or non sinusoidal AC the output would be constant.

Ø  The folders seen in the computers àthey are built using the calling instruction

à ACALL   ( joyjacob)àlabelàfolder name

joyjacob: this will open data inside it

àRET àdone by Backspace

àhere the code of backspace means to return to the call instruction

àhere the folders or files are recognized as

               Label .extension

What I think is everything is checked by what extension it has.

For ex. àjoy.pdf àextension or not extension but showing its type

Invisible Intellectual

Ideas got blogged!!!!!!!!!

Ø  What is the power level of the signal caught at any dish antenna?

i.e. what is its power or voltage in amplitude ? Approx. in uW or mW

Ø  If a single dish antenna receives power in terms of 10uW the if 10,000 dish antennas are used to make a single focal point i.e. all focusing at single point, then the focusing point will have the power of (10uW*10000)=100mW. Ie. It will be generating 100mW of power from the radiation.

Ø  Similar can be done for soar light’s using concave lens to focus all the rays on a single point to generate high energy power.

Ø  We improve lenses in color camera for better resolution. Why? What makes replacing the lens, have better resolution?

Ø  What if we increase the amplitude of the amplified signal during amplification of the signal i.e. if we increase the Vcc value to have high amplification? Can’t we obtain a better resolution by that way?

Ø  If Acceleration of any new vehicle is limited somehow, then we can have an IoT based vehicles whose maximum speeds can be controlled using the area in which it is travelling & the speed limits decided by the authority of that area.

Ø  A radio FM can be made from TV by making tuner ckt of L&C.

Ø  Is space a place with no resistance?

Ä  If no then what is its resistance and does the property of resistivity is also applied there?

Ä  If yes, then does any light source coming from a distance would be the same as origin?

Ä  If yes, the any material or any fluid or any wave originated there would retain its original state as there is no resistance?

Ä  If any material or energy there does not change, then can it be considered as a place which is packed or has a boundary, inside which we all are packed?

Ä  If no then why does it has the property of resistance?

Ä  What makes any material possess the property of resistivity?

Ä  If the space has some specific resistivity then does it have capacitance and inductance as the other material on earth has?

Ä  Does the property of material changes after sending them in space?

Ä  Is there any material not consisting the property of resistivity?

Ä  Is there any material with a complete zero resistance?

Ä  If not then all other materials possessing resistivity are not complete or ideal conductors?

Ä  Then do we have any material with ideal characteristics on earth or in space?

Ä  Why Ideals does not exist?

Ø  Duplexer or the switching used as diplexer, if used in some definite or defined way, then the power generation could take place from its mechanical structure if used properly.

Ø  Duplexer can be used to convert pure DC into switching DC.

Ø  All the people are running behind generating infinite power, but neither ideals exist, nor infinite exists in this unpredicted world, that instead of generating power from a running motor to run itself, we can generate enough back power from a running motor to run an LED.

Ø  If we are attaching motor with generator then we can get back power that was given as a source to the motor and the generated would be less than the supplied power but it would be enough to run an torch or to run any other part requiring that much of power.

Ø  If number of elements are connected in some form that the supplied power is given to box-1 and the box-1 too generates some power that is connected to box-2 and so on, than power overall consumption would be less. And power can be saved.

Ø  Most of the elements are consisting some or other ways of generating power and feeding it to other to run it. If seen and observed carefully all the ways are so much better that a better living can be earned through it with lesser power consumption and completing the needs.

Ø  If a motor and generator connected together to run each other cannot be established here on earth then what if we connect them in space would they be running forever or will stop after sometimes?

Ä  if they get stopped then does they contain any thing that we have missed to study?

Ä  If they didn’t stop then can’t we generate infinite power or enough power to run other motor from them?

Ä  May the principles of physics would not suggest the idea of ideal and infinite, then what are the different properties of space as considering that of earth and its environment?

Ä  An air-filled balloon in vacuum gets stretched but how?

Ä  Then is the universe expanding?

Ä  Then in what form of energy is working to expand a balloon and a universe?

Ä  If space does not have any resistivity or any properties like that, then is sun going to be alive forever?

Ø  VR + Sixth sense can reveal the world of technology towards VIRTUAL SIXTH SENSE and can gift the generation a complete new and emerging combination of virtualization and visualization.

Ø  If the space telescopes like Hubble Space Telescope & other are rotated 180 deg facing towards earth, then they can evenly used for security purposes and can zoom into some ones home who is bathing or is taking tea or is a corrupted person, everything can be seen with zoom.

Ø  If we can make a back-up system in electronics engineering that a circuit if gets damaged or gets cut-off from somewhere then the system itself gets repaired and gets back to work again, although some will argue that this isn’t possible on hardware and all, but we can go for software that is if programming is done in such a way that it detects any fault and repairs itself, and takes care of itself. So not an software engineer is needed without any too much need.

Ø  As the concave lenses and convex lenses are used to focus and expand the light source, so as the parabolic reflector is used in the electronics to focus or expand the transmitting or receiving EM wave signal.

Ä  But light waves are visible when they strike on some surface, hence we are able to visualize that thing, while EM waves aren’t visible but they are also focused and expanded by the parabolic reflector.

Hollow Flashlight application in Mass

If one HOLLOW FLASHLIGHT can generate electricity to enlighten an LED bulb than if cascaded or mass production of HOLLOW FLASHLIGHT can generate much electricity.

If thousand people are given HOLLOW FLASHLIGHT, then suppose if one hollow flashlight generates 1volt output than 1000 people can generate 1kV voltage that can be useful in many cases.

Also if it is used in public trams or buses then power can be generated or the power can be used in effective way for the society.

The mass usage of any technology would lead towards effective use of the energy.

As in the government offices, to ring a bell for the peon sitting outside – if an energy generating system used in the place of the mechanical bell – a piezo electric system can be used whenever the officer taps or rings bell by palming on the piezo bell or piezo transducer.

The idea is simply to use cascaded energy conversion to run the equipments in cascaded way.

Frequency and research ideas

What is the resistivity of water?

Can we transmit data in water? How? In what form–electrical or sound form?

Can we not talk using the medium of water?

What if the medium of water is used for communication and that too if the sound waves are transmitted as data, does it show any sense to replace it with the existing system?

If ultrasonic rays in water are harmful to fishes and other aquatic animals and living beings than can’t we use the ultrasonic rays to kill the bacteria present in water?

If not then what is the other electronic way to kill the germs or bacteria present in any medium?

If some or other frequency harms humans, then there might be some other frequency which can kill humans?

If there is some frequency that harms the living beings then which is that frequency that will harm the living beings?

Can we not kill the bacteria or germs using the high power high frequency device?

Elephants hear <20hz frequency — humans hear 20hz to 20khz — dogs can hear >20khz à does it entirely depend on the size of the living being that is audible to them. The size of the elephant is greater that humans while humans are bigger in size than the dogs.

What are the frequencies that are audible to the other animals or living beings? As humans can talk with a frequency of 300hz to 3.4khz, what is the other frequencies that are used by the animals to communicate?

The audio frequency for humans to hear is from 20hz to 20khz than what is the range for animals to hear and speak (roar, bleat, etc).

If an device consisting of the microphone and certain low pass filters is made then other frequencies than the living beings use on earth to communicate can be detected (than there may be some frequency from outer world which can be detected using this).


Everyone is running for infinite power generation but none is interested in using the energies to convert them in different forms of energy to use it.

Motor and generator connected back-to-back cannot generate infinite power, of course, but it can generate enough of power to handle all other equipments. As if a fan consisting of motor and generator together cannot run the fan infinitely but it could rather generate electricity which could run LED bulbs or tube lights or incandescent bulbs. And now days, there are bulbs available which consume very less power.

This type of small things id used effectively could generate power and can also save power in very much proportion.

Although these all above stated are my personal views and my personal thinking but please comment whether you like or dislike, so that I can know about my mistakes and my loop-holes.

Airplane and Environment Cleaning

If a commercial airplane weighs of many tons and can fly high in the sky then can’t we have an airplane big like Boeing 747 containing an air purifier that will purify the contaminated air and will keep the environment clean and green?

Also if there are ozone holes in the stratosphere then can’t we supply ozone gas to those holes to fill them up and to keep the earth away from UV rays?

If all the commercial airplanes are supplied an air purifier system then the air can be kept clean with the movement of airplanes i.e. the take-off and landings of airplanes along with the flight journey will be cleaning the surrounding air by the installation of the air purifier system.

The conclusion is to install air purifier system in to the commercial airplanes so that the air is kept clean and is maintained clean. And if the company to whom the airplane belongs – resists installing the air purifier system into their airplane then it could be made mandatory for the airplanes to install the air purifier system and to give the landing permission to the airplane company only and only if the airplane is containing the air purifier system.

This way a commercial journey of an airplane can be and environment cleaning – air cleaning journey, if this happens in future. Or else the air journeys will be air journeys only.


This is my wise suggestion or idea to the electronics manufacturing sector.

This can be a flop idea or can be a great idea.

The idea is to commercialize the electronics into the open source hardware.

If any company manufacturing either controller or processor, if makes an controller namely X and makes an open source hardware system namely Y using that controller X then people will have to initially buy the controller X to use or to make the open source system namely Y.

This can create the open source market and can reveal the company into profitable market.

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